Fixed length trekking pole attachment

I’ve only used collapsible poles with a packraft, but I’d like to use my fixed length poles if I can figure out a good way to strap them on. With my collapsibles I’ve just shoved them in my pack’s side pocket and secured them to the pack with the compression straps – they stick out a few inches but there are no performance concerns.

The max outside width on an Alpaca is 38"/97cm, and probably about 30 inches across at the bow lash loops.

My fixed length BPL STIX are 46" long, which means if I lashed my poles across my boat I’d be at least 8" wider (4" each side), and probably more like 16" wider at the front (8" each side). This assumes the middle of the pole is in line with the middle of the boat – if I store them like I store my collapsibles they’ll be sticking out fully 8" or 16" on one side. In creeks this would seem problematic. Big rivers probably okay.

Anybody have experience with attaching similarly long items on their boat? I searched the forums for “skis” but that didn’t come up with anything – I would have to assume that skis go length-wise. Fixed length poles don’t go obviously one way or the other.


hey Andrew,
I have not done it but I know people with skis usually have grab loops installed in the middle of the long tube pieces and lash the skis to them.

The most effective method we’ve seen & done for this is lashing skis, poles, etc. along the side tubes. For skis, we usually put one strap plate on side tube, near the stern seam. The aft-two forward grab loops form the other lash points.

For your situation, though, I think one strap plate one a side tube would probably be fine, so the poles run along just one side of the boat. It’ll save… hmmmmm… .25 oz? Don’t know if you’re that worried about it…

You can also just put the poles cross-wise way out on the bow. You have to get them way out there so they don’t constrain your stroke, but it’s quick and easy and requires no new loops. We’ve done it with skis, as well as with walking sticks collected along the way.

I did not know about fixed length of the trekking till the date. But after read your stuff I have know that the max outside width on an Alpaca is 38"/97cm, and probably about 30 inches across at the bow lash loops. I am really appreciated to share your valuable knowledge of experience. It will help me in future.