fishing rod

How do you strap your rod to your boat in bumpy water. Shallow bumpy water and I am a kook paddler. Any suggestions. Posted above but got no response

Depending on the size of the rod, I would glue 2 - 4 extra tie outs on one side (you might be able to use 2 of the ones already at the front and end). Then thread webbing between them, and attach buckles so can tighten it to your boat and also quick release when you need to. Just my 2c, what do you have in mind?

In my old explorer I used to my put my rod backwards with the butt through a front loop (or tucked under my pack attach on longer trips) and I had a velcro loop in the middle, twas a great system. I have took a few swims in the ww and the rod was fine. I have not taken a rod into ww since I got a decked boat though but I generally lay the rod on the deck for flat water fishing, is you boat decked?


Jeremy and Steve thanks. My mate this week doesn’t fish so I will take a short stiff stick. Have had some phone advice. Shoud be ok. Steve, rod orietation, winner, will do. Thanks for the heads up.

Current plan I take my “boat” rod which I usually use for flat water fishing out of the boat. On the kowmung I imagine I will be fishing out of the boat but its a shorter and more robust unit. Plan to strap it down the side butt forward. Thanks again for ideas, let you know how it goes.

Dave, you may find this of intrest (my blog) a lot of packraft based fishing :slight_smile:


Thanks all again. Very familiar with your site Steve its good stuff.

Did a walk/raft/fish/raft/walk trip over the weekend. Lashed rod under the pack on the front. Short rod so a good portion of the halves were under the pack. Just tied the upper ends of the rod together with some thin cord. Rod running along the inside rim of the boat.

Saw some trout and the only thing I hooked was a carp (bloody big and It broke the line and got away as I dragged it up a steep bank). Didn’t fish out of the boat as I didn’t know how time pressed we would be on river.

Did Packsaddlers, Catholic Bushwalkers Hut, New Yards Ridge, Kowmung and back. In current conditions very low and tame paddling wise but a great trip anyway.

That’s a nice little trip, shame the levels did not help out with the down river sections. I have not been in there for many years (since moving south) but have had a few amazing fishing trips in there after the first big rains in May (seems to be the major trout run trigger), ;lots of rainbos in the 2 to 4lb range. Perhaps we could do a combo packraft/fishing trip next May if the rain Gods align. Going in from Packsaddlers and up the Coxes to Harrys Ck (Jenolan) is another good weekender, you can walk back out to Packsaddlers via Tinpot Track (?) although it is a good climb. I would be keen to paddle down Jenolan & Coxes and walk out to Packsaddlers also at some stage…sooo many trips so little time :frowning: