Fishing rod

What fly fishing rod to buy for a beginner? I am planning to buy a fly fishing rod and i have never used them before. I am looking for a strong and easy to use rod. i am willing to spend $50. what do you prefer should i get another spinning rod or should i try fly fishing.

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Tenkara works if you are going to be sticking it in your ruck along with a raft and gear and going light.

Great on streams and ponds, not so good for larger (10lbs+) fish.

2-3 ounces, packable, easy to use, and cheap by fly fishing standards.

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you may be hardpressed to find a decent fly rod for $50; one that will last you any significant amount of time that is. all depends on what you’ll be fishing for. when it comes to fly fishing, nothing is cheap. there are a lot of companies out there that can get away with charging lots of $$$$ simply because they’ve made a name for themselves in the industry; doesn’t mean they’re not good products, just pricey. i’ve got a couple different rods, one 6wt and one 5wt. the 6wt is a st. croix and was around $250-300. the 5wt i have is a 6 piece cabela’s ‘stow-away’ rod. i had been in the market for something that broke down beyond 4 pieces and i struck gold with this one. i was a bit apprehensive about going with a brand that doesn’t necessarily focus on fly fishing products, but man, it’s a great rod. it has just as much, if not more action than a 2 or 3 or 4 piece. i own some other cabela’s gear (who doesn’t?) and it has never let me down. the rod breaks down, like i mentioned, into 6 pieces and is a perfect fit for backpacking, under 2ft tall all wrapped up. and weighs under a pound without the carrying canister. i wanna say that it was around $130-140 range. i realize that it’s beyond the cost you’re willing to spend, but hell, 9 times outta 10 you get what you pay for when it comes to fly fishing gear. and that’s damn cheap for a 6 piece rod. and it’s a terrific rod for beginners and beyond. a 5wt or even less is perfect for grayling. if you plan on salmon fishing with it, i wouldn’t go any less than an 8wt. and that’s even pushing it. but of course, the bigger you go, the more $$$$. i’ve been fishing for 30+yrs and it wasn’t until about 5yrs ago did i really get into fly fishing. takes a decent amount of $$ to get started, but once you’re there and start catching fish on the fly, you’ll have a hard time picking up the spincast anymore. i took a look at those tenkara rods. imho, seems like they’d be great for smaller streams, but may be impractical for bigger rivers and lakes.


What is the best all around fishing rod? So I recently had this revelation that I wanted to fish but unfortunately I am very new to this and do not own a rod, reel, or anything fishing related. I wanted to buy a fishing rod but one that could be used to catch all kinds of fish (do these even exist?). I feel as if most places however have mainly catfish so I would need a rod that is able to maintain the tug and pull of a larger fish. Any help would be great appreciated.

i’ve been using ugly sticks for years. they’re great rods, most models break down, they’re cheap and have a good warranty. considering that you want something that can handle cats, i’d go with a light-medium weight rod. it’d be good for panfish and big bass as well.