Fish Creek, Montana

Ran NF and main Fish Creek this weekend. Put in at the Clearwater Crossing Ranger Station at the end of the road on the NF. The NF is fast, fun non-stop II+ at current flows. Four channel-spanning logjams in the lower 2 miles before the confluence with the SF; all easy portages. Main stem of Fish Creek is easy class I/II on the upper section, building to class III/III+ for the last 2 miles before joining the Clark Fork River. Two channel-spanning logs on the main.

The NF would still be packraftable at half the current flow; the main stem at one quarter to one third current flow.

There are a couple cabins along the NF and the road is nearby along sections of the main; still decent scenic quality. Excellent bikerafting stream and the lower main stem is close enough to Missoula for after-work runs.