First trip success

After recieving my Llama and Explorer (the latter being better to take our young son - when he’s a little less young), it was off to the XXXX River for a packrafting/canoeing/kayaking trip.

Heaps of fun…the packrafts (after 28 years of whitewater kayaking) were a dream to paddle. Sort of like a cross between kayaking, a lounge chair and a waterbed! We always ended up where we thought we would (in terms of running rapids, catching eddies etc)…and apart from a wettiesh crotch and rear end (maybe I didnt have the seat pumped up enough), it was all I wanted it to be. Next trip must invovle multi-day packs strapped to the front of them!

Good to see some real packrafting! Must feel weird yet similar after the kayak. More pics?

Chris, great to see you out there paddling in the bubbles, not sure about the secret river stuff but it looks the goods. Reminds me of the Thredbo just below the bridge but the “goob” may be a givewaway or a self depricating tag:-) Have you tried rolling yet?


Beautiful stretch of river there Chris, nice easy access too :wink:

Just out of curiosity, did you find you were using different paddle strokes in the packraft? I’ve been wondering if high & low braces would be useful in our little rafts?

Yes - the hanging bridge in the background (as well as the file name) was a bit of a giveaway!

Havent tried rolling it yet…too cold for softies like me :slight_smile:

Hmm - no need to do any bracing - feels pretty secure. Tried side surfing it…THAT felt retty weird, as I wasnt able to lift the raft edge at all…basically just lean my body downstream, with little consequent effect on the raft.

Keen to try it on some bigger water…hopefully an opportunity coming up to try it below Munyang Power Station (Snowy River).