First time packraft for one/two people?

I’m looking into buying my first packraft and had some questions. I wanted something that I would mainly use for solo touring and whitewater, although occasionally I’d like to take another person along. What would be a good raft for this? I was looking at the Fjord Explorer, but I wasn’t sure if adding a spray deck would make it so only one person could get in.

Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.

I have a predecessor to the Fjord Explorer that was retrofitted with a spray deck. The spray deck zips completely off if desired. I’m guessing that is how it would be with a new one straight from the factory, but double check that with them. I like the bigger size, to me it is more stable in ww, in a pinch can do two people, and can carry more stuff like a bike fairly easily without it being a burden to still get in. I don’t know about doing any actual trips with two people in one pr, I’m sure somebody has done it, but it cannot possibly be comfortable.

I too have the older Ford Explorer model. Works great for what you are describing. I use it on flatwater, in the sound, and on rivers. I have only gone on up to class II with it - but works well there too. I put the spray deck on. I had the same concerns as I thought I may want my toddler along on flatwater trips. The spraydeck absolutely impeded this. If you want the ability for 2, the spraydeck, even though it zips off, has a permanent portion on the front of the boat that really prevents a child from sitting there. I bought a second boat for river travel with 2. Not an Alpacka. A PR-49 from Pristine Ventures. Love it. Weighs more and is bulkier, but for specific use it works better.

I went with my girlfriend and camping gear and food for 2 nights in ONE Kokopelli Renegade on the upper Colorado river from State Bridge to Dotsero. A bunch of class 2 rapids and two class 3 where we could avoid the big holes. It handled very well and carried all our gear.

Contact me if you want more detailed information/ photos or are interested in buying the boat.