First rivers ready?

Anything ready?

I remember running Willow Creeks Guardrail section over Memorial day weekend last year.

Redgate, Echo Bend, Montana, S. Fork E.R, or anything with moving water? I am ready for this season to get started. Regular partner is out till the end of the month. If anyone is interested in some exploratory descents give me a ring: 982-2908

Driving to Fairbanks last weekend, saw that Willow was moving with high water, with ice shelves on either side (at the hwy bridge). All the other rivers north had ice dams or ice bridges.

Thanks for the info Hatcher!

Sounds like perhaps a Redgate run is possible…

Montana Creek is open at a gauge reading 450 cfs yesterday:

There’s a little ice, but was super fun, if a long drive from Anchorage.


Can you share any insights about a good
put-in for Montana? I was up there last weekend and found the approaches to the upper to be quite confusing…

I Did a Willow Redgate to Shirley town bridge run yesterday. Water was too low. USGS site had it at 250 CFS. Ended up walking a few of the wider sections due to the low water.

John N.

We just ran the lower canyon. Hike in from the big elbow at Yoder (or drive in 4 WD) to the enormous mud pit. The mud pit’s really wide, as 4-wheelers have been going in many different directions – like five lanes wide. To get here you go to the big elbow in Yoder and take ATV trail left along the south rim of the south fork of Montana Creek. It may be like a mile to this enormous mud pit. At the enormous mud pit, hike down to the creek which is visible from the rim on the edge of the enormous mud pit. There is a bunch of devils club. About 75 yards down stream from where you hit the creek below the enormous mud pit is the first and biggest drop. Scout on river left.