First packraft trip to AK


My wife and I are coming to AK next week for some packrafting adventures. The only for sure trip in Sanctuary River +/- Windy Creek float. After that we will be staying at our condo in Anchorage. Can anyone suggest favorite day trips near anchorage / Turnagain / Seward? We are contemplating twenty-mile also from girdwood.



Do a forum search for Glacier creek, that’s a good one in Girdwood. Also, from Anchorage there’s South Fork off Hiland Rd in Eagle River. The upper portion would be great for almost anyone if the water level is right, right now the middle section is a little tricky and it’s a good idea to either scout ahead a lot, or go with someone that knows this section well. The middle section currently has two log jams and a boulder garden that need to be ported.

Portage Creek
Granite to East Fork Six Mile (be sure to take out at the parking lot before the canyons!)
Kenai River
If you have the time we just did the flag stop train from Talkeetna and got dropped off at Lion Creek and then floated the Susitna back to Talkeetna, a 3 hour float.

Someone just posted recently a list of road accesible floats in Alaska. Good place to start