First cheapy packrafting trip

Hi all,

As a dress rehearsal for a longer trip I have coming up shortly, I got to try out my sevylor raft for the first time today. Talk about fun! It wasn’t a particular adventurous trip by packrafting standards but it allowed me to get comfortable with the concept and will make a sound launching pad for future adventures. While the sevylor is no alpaca, it kept me and my bike above the waterline and despite the howling wind, I enjoyed a serene float along the hunter. One day I’ll get an alpaca but I’m still dodging bullets from the CFO about the last bike so it might take a while :smiley:

I have a few photos and a little report on my blog but can’t post links yet :frowning:

Thanks goes to everyone on here for some inspirational trips and stories as I have been lurking for a while.

Happy Paddling!

Hi mate, I can post the link if you like, if its just a technical issue. I’m familiar with the blog.
Ah the 5 post rule…
You guys are nutters for pain…

You can talk Darren :slight_smile:

I’ve seen how much you like pain. How is the tail bone going anyway?!

I’m looking forward to hitting up Mungo Brush and the Myall lakes when we get there. Your photos looked really appetising.

Blogs can make things look gnarlier than they are… :slight_smile:

I’ve got heaps more mobility but driving and trying to sit in soft chairs are difficult. It’s healing quicker than anticipated though so I’m happy.
Yeah the lakes are nice at certain times of day. Plenty of ski boats to dodge in some areas.

I used to be a radiographer back in the day and saw my fair share of broken tail bones. They aren’t a whole lot of fun from what I saw.

If the ski boats get too bad, the fat bike will be perfect along the shoreline trails. Also, it floats all on its own which might come in handy

I don’t know a great deal about the fat bikes but had a look at buying some Large Marge rims once for haul cart idea. Plenty of float!

We will have to catch up some time over a beer and you can take it for a spin

Sounds good. Look forward to some reports. Cheers.

Did you get the fat bike in Australia or import? I have been keen on one but no one seems to sell them?


I won’t answer for pi11wizard but I looked at a few in City Bike Depot, Kent street Sydney. I think I saw a “Surly Long Haul Trucker” and possibly another brand hanging up.

Link for Oz Surly dealers

In Australia from the LBS - Gateshead cycles. Most places will have to special order them via dirtworks and dirtworks rarely have stock so expect a bit of a wait. Having said that - they really are worth the wait.

Hey, look at that - 5 posts:


Nice set-up! I’ve been thinking of getting one of those so friends can join me on day trips without having to splash out on an Alpacka… is that the 2-man version got there?

Hey Ross,

Yep, it’s the two man version which I ordered here: (I think it was only $39.99 when I bought) but instead of receiving a caravelle, they sent a Collosus. For the price, it is a reasonable compromise and works surprisingly well for something that is meant to be used with oars :slight_smile:

Hoping to go on another ride and paddle day trip this weekend.