First All-Packraft Westwater

At least that’s what the Westwater ranger told us. The first all-packraft group he’d sent off. He also told us the Colorado River had dropped to 1700 cfs during the night and that we’d probably be the only group having fun.

Three of us. We biked the shuttle on the Kokopelli Trail during the night. Camped. Left the bikes at the put-in. Then floated Sunday.

17 Miles. Lots of flat water. About 2.5 “magic” miles where things were rockin’. We paddled hard. Boat scouted all but one rapid. Watched big rafts get stuck. Enjoyed the desert canyon scenery. Two of us swam once each. One of us flipped and rolled. (Yeah, Mike!) Took a quick lunch break. And were taking out at 2:30, kind of surprised, not having realized that we didn’t have to hurry quite so much.

More story and more photos on my blog. And there’ll likely be a video from Mike or Doom soon.


(Oh, and the gauge looks more like it was 1800-ish. Still, pretty low. And good.)