Fire Pan for Canyonlands, etc

Anyone have any beta on a lightweight fire pan for long hikes and packrafts that meets the requirements for Canyonlands, etc.? The ranger suggested this:

which works but is heavy. Seems like Alpacka or Kokopelli or someone else could make a super lightweight one. Maybe there’s one out there that I don’t know about?

Checkout ‘Suspicious Devices’ on Facebook or for some really well made titanium fire pans that have been well tested and used by lots of experienced packrafters.

For a $10 option, I bought a cake pan at wal-mart. Heavier than I like, the titanium ones sound nice, but if you’re only carrying it to satisfy the permit, it also makes a hell of a frying pan. Not too different than the ranger’s suggestion.

I have one of the Suspicious Devices versions and if we have a group of ~4 or more that’s what we take.

If I’m solo I take a foil turkey basting pan from the local grocery.

Turkey basting pans are no longer a legal alternative for any portion of the rivers in Canyonlands at any time of year, Check out this article for up to date info and some suggestions for firepans! Cheers! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: