Extra Internal Chambers


I work in Dinosaur National Monument and would love to take my packraft on the work trips, but being a single chamber boat - I can’t. Anybody have a pair of internal air chambers that Alpacka sold a couple years ago?


can you not count the seat and backrest as “chambers”

-hoping this works!


Anyone have old extra internal chambers laying around? I’ll be boating a bunch in Dinosaur again this year and want to use my packraft. Tempted with the Alpackalypse but can’t justify the cost.

Re: Seat and backrest - doesn’t cut it - according to park policy they have to be internal chambers.

Have you contacted Alpacka? I think they still have a few and or will make them for you.

Yeah, I contacted them about a year ago - they had none left in stock and weren’t willing to make any. I’m hopeing somebody has a pair lying around and notices this.