Expeditions in eastern and central Siberia

Hello friends, I am a very experienced adventurer and I am looking for companions to go on an expedition with me in different parts of eastern and central Siberia between the beginning of July and the end of September 2020 and 2021. They are usually combinations of Trekking and Packrafting. My interests are: Video, Photo, Fly and Spinfishing, Observation of animals and walking in remote places untouched by man. I already have some Tracks organized and I can send them to you. There is no commercial interest in this aTracks cross very remote areas and it is not so cool to go alone. I’ve done several solo expeditions, but now I’m tired of it. I need nice people around with the same interests.

Hi Fernando, it seems we have about the same idea for next summer (I am off between end of June and mid September) and would like to do as much remote outdoor packrafting, hiking, fishing for food, …as possible. Unfortunately we target two different regions - I choose Alaska for the easy communication and traveling arrangements, why do you want to go to the east Siberia? I am living in central Europe, Switzerland, 1968, would be interested in your projects. I have done a few long solo trips, Brooks Range for 20 days and feel that changing the system from solo to at least a team of two could be nice. Guido