European community?


I tried to capure the European scene:
Feel free to add, if I missed you!

Many thanks,


2 more from Rauma, Finland. I’ll come back when I get home :slight_smile:

And another one from Belgium!

I bought my packraft in june, so far I have only done easy rivers (up to PR2-3) and flatwater in Belgium, but in early november I’ll try to packraft the Arve and Rhone rivers in the French Alps after a trekking near Mont Blanc. Next year I’m gonna use it on a longer trip in Scandinavia. As I mostly travel solo, I do not intend to run whitewater, but will use my raft for rapid wilderness travel on gentle rivers (up to PR3).

Great Guys, just add you too the site if you like.
Curious what you will be up to!


Hi all, we, Marc and Sven, will attend the Bersichten Filmfest in Dresden/Germany, November 12/13th. We will contribute in the contest of short presentations with journey to the Carpathians. There will also be an exhibition, where we will bring boats, equipment and time to chat. Hope to see some of you! More info:

Got one in Helsinki, Finland =)