Please visit these sites for Packrafting in Europe: (Alpackaraft Scandinavia) (packrafting forum for Europe) (packrafting resource page for Europe. To launch in May 2008)


Is there anyone on here from the UK ???

Have tried the European version mentioned with no reply from them??

I am looking for a used alpacka raft does anybody have one for sale ???

MickT (Scotland)

Well I’m not from the UK, nor do I have a raft for sale… but if you buy one and find a nice place to raft in Scotland let me know and I’ll come up from Belgium and join you. :slight_smile:

There are a few places up here but the only problem is the rivers can go up and down overnight.
A good place to look is and

Flash Earth does not give very good detail in some areas and Geograph can have some good pictures to give you an idea what to expect.

Another place for information is and some info on river levels are on this website


Is there anyone on here from the UK ???


I’m in the UK but a lot further south (River Dee estuary/Celtic fringes) and I’ve had an Alpacka since the summer of 2006. They are still (I think) fairly rare here. I started a thread a couple of years ago, before this forum was up and running, on the Alpacka over on the foldingkayaks forum (thread is still there in the Inflatable section). Unfortunately, I’ve done no paddling most of this year as I had a bad shoulder injury (from another sport) and its only in the last month or so I’m getting near to full mobility but hopefully will be back on the water soon.

Actually someone on the south coast later bought an Alpacka (a Dory I think - mine’s an Alpaca) and then a year or so I noticed he’d put it up for sale (it could have been on foldingkayks, ukriversguidebook or here - think I saw it on UKrivers). Good luck in your search.


Hi Rods,

I enjoyed your post on folding kayaks, it was the first pointer to Alpacka’s that I recall seeing.

Mick knows about the Dory in the UK as he was curious about it, I know about the Dory in the UK as I bought it a couple of day’s before my Denali Llama arrived! (o:

Sorry to hear about your shoulder injury, I hope you feel up to paddling speed soon.

It’s your ‘fault’ that I’m gettin’ a Packraft Navy! (o:


It’s your ‘fault’ that I’m gettin’ a Packraft Navy!

So, the rumours are true. I knew it! Stoke Newington now has a navy. Up north, we now feel really deprived. :slight_smile:

Just undertaken my first trip in an Alpacka Scout with ultralight backpacker Colin Ibbotson - November wasn’t the BEST time of year for a first trial, but see the link below for details!