[Europe] Alpacka Yukon Yak, Manta Ray paddle, PFD, ...

Hi everyone,

I haven’t had much chance to use my packraft recently so I figured I would make space in my gear closet. It’s in Belgium at the moment and I’m willing to ship anywhere in Europe; contact me for exact shipping prices. Everything is is excellent condition. The packraft was used less than 10 days all in all and never patched.

Packraft, bought in july 2010
Alpacka Yukon Yak + spray deck + inflatable seat (bottom only)
New value: ~1090eur (840eur + import taxes+VAT)
My price: 763eur + shipping

Aquabound Manta Ray (4pc; TLC; carbon fiber/plastic)
New value: 170eur
119eur + shipping

Astral Tempo 200 red PFD
New value: ~110eur
77eur + shipping

Dry bag: Pacific Outdoor Equipment Pneumo LTW 50L
New value: 35eur

Book: Packrafting! An Introduction and How-To Guide

New value: 20eur
10eur + shipping

[h]The whole kit (value ~1450eur): 790eur, and free shipping !![/h]

Some pics of the gear in action:

Would like to buy the kit off you I am currently living in Berlin,
My phone number is +49 152 55696652.
Do you have account details i can put the money into and can you please let me know about shipping.
I am planning a trip up in Sweden soon.

Andrew Mackenzie

Hi Andrew, I just sent you a private message.