Eureka Creek, no shuttle required

Last week I started out at Michael Creek on the Richardson Highway, crossed the Delta River and headed southwest up the unnamed creek. Thick brush lines this creek and the water level was high making crossings difficult. Might have been best to just get the bushwack over with and traverse the ridge to the east. Headed up over the mountain pass to the head of the North Fork Rainy Creek and descended to an area with nice campsites just below the next pass south of point 6045. Head over this pass then make your way into the next glacial valley and enjoy the easy walking and great views on your way down to Eureka Creek. I made my way up on to the next low ridge west for some exploring then headed down Broxson Gulch. A lot of eagles and hawks in this area, seen a few caribou. While floating on Eureka Creek I came upon two grizzlies, two or three bald eagles and a raven feeding on a dead caribou I presume. I pulled over to the opposite side of the creek and as soon as the bears noticed me they took off. On lower Eureka Creek and the Delta there were some tough headwinds that made the going kind of slow.