Got a run down the Euc yesterday (in a kayak).

Just posting this to say (as it has no internet gauge), that the area had a little bit of rain two days before paddling it (3mm); it was a blue sky day; and the level was 0.54m (on the bridge) - which I classify as medium level.

So…if you are keen to paddle the Euc, it seems that there is sufficient seepage, and melt, to maintain the Euc at a level whic is ceratinly well worthwhile - particularly for packrafts (as they handle lower water better than a kayak).

Get in quick before the water all runs away!

Also - been on the Goodradigbee, which is another great PR river (three sections ranging from absolute beginner to kayakG3-4). Much warmer than Euc; has an internet gauge (wee jasper), and is worthwhile is PR to 1.05m (I reckon).

Hope everyone is having fun in the spring paddling season!!

PS - no photos…lost my camera :frowning:

It never happened then Chris… :slight_smile:

Hope it wasn’t an expensive one.

I am jealous and I need to go paddling :frowning: The Euc is a great paddle, Craig and I ran it in Feb on low levels and still had a fantastic day


Presuming Euc paddlers have testicle warmers, or tight collars to keep them down…


or no testicles ? I am not saying:-) You need to harden up Doc.