Anyone want to do the Escalante this spring (April or May)? I’m looking to go with a few other packrafters.

Hey Jay, I would love to do the Escalante again. I solo’d it last year at 20 cfs and had blast. Any interest in doing some canyoning while we are down there?


Hey Mark, Sure let’s plan it! I’ll send you a private message with my contact info. Anyone else who wants to join feel free to post here or message me.

I’d be interested…
let me know!

Interested. I tried to send a PM, but it seems to be stuck in the outbox. I was planning on going down the Escalante late May, but am pretty flexible with my dates for both months.

Interested. Email me at:

Hi, I am headed to the Escalante area real soon with the original intent of packrafting the Escalante. My partner unfortunately had to bail and I am hoping I might be able to connect with others and make it happen yet. If anyone has any plans together and would consider bringing another person into the mix let me know! Or if you don’t have any plans at all but want to make some let me know too!

Reach me at

I don’t have any definitive plans but I’m super interested! I could probably pull off a trip early to mid may. I’ve been looking at Egypt Road to Coyote Gulch. If anyone has a trip that would take on another, or anyone wants to plan something, let me know.