Escalante river and Dirty Devil packrafting

Hi all,
I have been wanting to do the Escalante and Dirty Devil for the past several years now, not to avail!! I have all the intel, topo map, and logistics figured out to do it.
I don’t know if it’s going to run in 2023, but you have to be ready to go as soon as the gauge starts to move, or even better, someone who lives there who can visually check the flows on the Hwy 12 bridge (for Escalante). For the DD, the gauge in Hanksville is a good marker. The DD also has great canyons to explore!
I am looking for PR partners who live in the SW and have the flexibility to go when it’s time. It could be any time from February to May.
I live in Durango, CO and have plenty of flexibility.
Please drop me a note if you are interested.


Been wanting to float the Escalante for years also. We have a PR group based with the horsepital here in St. George. High desire, low flexibility because we are all physicians and nurses. How many days are you liking? Some of us should be able to break free from work. Would be great for playing hide and seek (shuttle). We will :pray: for :snowflake: and stay in touch.

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Hello and thx for your reply.
I think 5 days on the river is good to have time to do the side hikes + it is 40 miles of river running and 3 miles hiking on each end with all the gear.
Yes, let’s see what the snowpack does and stay in touch. Hopefully you’ll get enough lead time to arrange time off from work.

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I am in Utah (near SLC) and have a high level of flexibility. There has been a TON of snow this year so i would expect it to run this year.

I could be mistaken, but I think with the unexpected, heavy, summer rains these past few years, people I know from Moab have been shooting up and running the DD with success up until August.

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Hi, Thx for the info on the DD. Since all these desert rivers will be running this spring, I think I am going to stick to Escalante, Muddy Creek, LCG, and lower Dolores. I already have a team of locals for Escalante and Dolores. But I can be inticed to do to DD. Please let me know if anyone has a group doing the DD and maybe I can join.

Hi, I’ve done the DD a few times, but never all the way from Hanksville due to low flows (once from Angel, twice from Poison Spring). I’d love to start higher if there is more water, and I have some flexibility. According to the new probabilistic forecast of CBRFC (CBRFC Map) it might peak around the third week of April. I would also love to do the chute, or maybe more, on the Muddy, but for some reason the forecast is showing the water level there not going up until early June. I would be interested in connecting with someone to do that when it gets to a good level.

Hey, I am up for doing Dirty Devil or the Chute (Muddy creek) last week of April, if it runs. I’d prefer doing the DD from Angel.
Where are you located? I am in Durango CO.
Are you available on weekdays or weekends only?
My calendar is all open after April 22.
PS: where can you see a flow forecast for the DD?

Hi! I’m finding the DD forecast here:
It’s now forecasting low flows, especially after April 22. Are you interested in the Verde?
I’m in Mancos, so not far from you. I can do weekdays as long as I plan ahead.

Hi Flo,

Would love to connect with you if you’re still planning an Escalante excursion.


Great finding flow predictions for the DD!
I actually changed my itinerary and I am coming back on the 18, so would be able to drive to the DD on the 19th. Or better then: we just get ready for the next sustained water rise (which should be happening soon after anyways).
Please text me at 970-946-9178. We should meet in Durango do a town run after I get back anyways to paddle together.

Our Escalante trip is full (5 people/full truck) and we don’t have dates yet. Sorry.

Thanks for getting back Flo! If anyone drops, or if you have additional people, I can drive from Denver:)

Thanks again!

Hello Antjet,
I’d love to do the DD with you. I am interested in the full thing (Angel to bridge) if you are up for it.
We need consistent flows of 100 cfs at the gauge… I think in May is our best bet. I am available any time May 3 to 22.

Hi Flo,

I don’t think I can swing it this year. I’m going to be out of the country May 9-22, and the Dolores is running, and also I think 100 is still a bit low for the upper part of the DD. At that level, the first 12 miles or so from Angel are fairly frustrating, if I’m recalling correctly. Poison Springs down is totally fine at 100, but I am most interested in doing the upper part when there is more water. Sorry I can’t make it this time. Hope you can get out there! I just texted you. Would love to get together for some short local runs.

Our Escalante trip is full. Would you be interested in running Muddy Creek and LGC (san Rafael river) when Muddy runs?