Error in "Packrafting the Escalante - What You Need to Know"?

This APA writeup on packrafting the Escalante says that Scorpion Rapid, a mandatory portage, is 6 miles below Scorpion Gulch. This does not seem to be correct. The NPS guide mentions a boulder jam 1 mile below Scorpion Gulch. That is consistent with Hank Leukart’s GPS waypoint for Scorpion Rapid (Escalante River: Fence to Coyote Canyon Packraft – Hank Leukart) and it shows up clearly in Google Maps. Another of Hank Leukart’s waypoints notes a portage around a 5-foot drop that is about 2 miles below Scorpion Gulch. I don’t see anything in the aerial photo 6 miles below Scorpion Gulch that would indicate that a serious rapid is present there. Unless I’m misunderstanding something, I suggest that the article be corrected so that paddlers are not misinformed.

You are correct, Scorpion rapid is about one mile below Scorpion Gulch.

@oregongregor thanks for catching that mistake! We’ve fixed it: