Endau River, Malaysia

Endau River flows through million-year old forest, older than the Amazon. With pristine water and mild Class 2 rapids, it was a good day of paddling fun at Endau River for the girls, who were packrafting for the first time! First, we took turns learning to run the Class 2+ rapids along Sungei Jasin. After lunch we did a leisurely float down Endau River to the take-out. The guide told us there were hundreds of class 1-3 rapids along the entire stretch of Endau River. Hopefully soon! =)

5 hours drive from Singapore or Kuala Lumpur.

Hi Ayung never been to Endau River but have you tried the Tembeling river that goes up to Taman Negara headquarter ?
Do you know if it is possible to paddle from Jerantut up to the HQ ?

Not yet tried the Tembeling! But heard it was a nice river as well. Kenong-Rimba, which is in the Taman Negara is also a nice river.

I think it is better to flow down from the Park HQ to Jerantut, where you can then make you way back to KL or other places.

Went to Endau River again over the weekend, lots of leeches due to the rain.