En klassik Tur fra Fjell till Fjord (Norway)

To keep Europe on the List!

Norway offers harcore Whitewater and hardcore weather. This trip has none of them, but does not lack the excitement either: http://picasaweb.google.de/sven.schellin/IIEnKlassikTurFraFjellTillFjord#

It is a 2-3 day straight (none looping) trip into the fjordland. A slow but steady approach to a tiny, roadless fjord in southern Norway. Packrafting is all about perspectiv, having both angles of view: down and up. I enjoyed experiencing the fjord walls that way.


Great pictures.

I can second the recommendation for visiting Norway with a packraft… a couple of summers ago I did some wandering around the fjords and fishing with my Alpacka and had a blast.