Embedding Vimeo videos here

Hi Folks,

I am after some help as I am still trying to work out how to embed videos from Vimeo (or YouTube) into topics within this forum. Can anyone help me by explaining in very simple English how to do this? Please assume I know nothing - which is correct.

I have copied the embed code from my Vimeo video and pasted it within a new topic. My understanding (which is obviously incorrect as its not working) is that I need to then put [vimeo] both immediately before and after the copied code without any spaces. I have tried using the vimeo buttons above the topic but haven’t had any luck with these. I am sure the answer is pretty simple.

Any help appreciated!

Thanks to Blue Man for helping me out and explaining how to embed videos from either Vimeo or YouTube. For others who may be similarly challenged by technology it was actually extremely easy in the end - once shown how.

Simply type the following:


You only need to use your actual vimeo video ID number (e.g. 40802765) in between the two sets of square brackets with no spaces. Don’t forget the forward slash in the second set of brackets. Obviously using the full Vimeo embed code sets it up in a different way but I haven’t worked out how and the above system worked fine and was extremely simple.

Looking forward to seeing lots more videos and photos from everyone.

:slight_smile: Mark