El Chaten, Patagonia

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While I was in Chalten at the park office to register for a trek the head ranger came in with steam blowing out his ears asking who had the pack outside with the paddle blades on it. I told them it was mine and he rudely informed me that rafts and paddling in general were not permitted in the park, without special permission. I asked for special permission, and he responded with more steam coming out the ears. He said if i was seen paddling in the park I would be issued a ticket.

If one followed these regulations, this would eliminate the lower rio de las vueltas, and the rio toro, which looks interesting. It also eliminates the large lakes in the off chance that the weather allowed one to raft there. Commercial trips run kayaks on the lakes and canoes on the rio vueltas so I’m not sure what gives.

It does not eliminate (I.e. Outside of the park) the lovely float of the upper rio de las vueltas. The park boundary lies about six miles above El Chalten (in the park) where the river makes a bend to the south through braided channels to town. It also does not eliminate the rio electrica, which is on private land.