Echo Bend, Low Flow. May 2011 - Video

We floated Echo Bend at low flow May 19. We think it was about 320 CFM but the gauge has been out, and perhaps unreliable prior to then. It was lower than when we ran it with Doug V, Toby, etc. September 25, 2010, when it was ~370 CFM.
Three of four of us swam. Cannot imagine having more fun than on EB at low flow.
Here is our (Dwight, Ben, Jule, Will) youtube vid:

A buddy and I just did this for our first time Sunday 9/11/11. Eagle was running at 3.75’ / 560. It was clear of wood, and fun. We did walk one rapid in the middle that required a make or break move to prevent slamming a rock river center. The river is very twisty, and we eddied out to scout several bends. Glad we did (especially had their been wood). Had we not been so hungover, we might have run the one we walked…next time. I’d put our run harder than Willow guard rail, and easier than Little Su at low water. Hope this helps