East Fork Susitna - good trip for beginners?

Hi all - I’m making a trip to Alaska with a friend this summer (first time there and can’t wait!) and have been searching for the perfect beginner’s packrafting experience. After doing some research online, the East Fork of the Susitna River likes like a great choice (see ed plumb’s writeup) but I wanted to get everyone’s sense on this trail for a beginner. Also, they did this trip at the end of summer and we’d be going at the beginning of summer (mid- to late-june) so should we be worried about water level? I know alaska got dumped on this winter :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot all!


i posted a thread entitled “east fork susitna” in this same section of the forum. scroll down and you’ll see it; had one reply. maybe this will help.


Thanks Chris! I did see your post and it was really helpful - unfort it didnt answer my question about time of year to do the trip. Am most concerned about water levels.


maybe wanna check out the fairbanks paddlers association. they have a website and may be able to give you more specific info on that area, i.e. the water levels that time of year.

Thanks chris - no luck getting hold of the fairbanks paddlers association - also asked a few of the paddling rental shops in fairbanks. when do you plan on running the river? i’d like to do it in 1 month, maybe we can share research until we figure this out? :slight_smile:

you may also wanna check out an outfit up here in fairbanks that rents boats if you haven’t already: http://www.alaskapackrafts.com/

they may have some info that you’re looking for.

It’s kind of up in the air as to if I do that particular float this summer; if time allows, i’d love to give it a go. let me know the dates when you guys are coming up which may help in getting some more accurate info.