East and West Fork San Gabriel River

Thinking of heading up to one of the Forks on Thursday to play with the pack raft. Anyone in So Cal been up there lately? How bout Sespe or Piru? I have done the self supported Sespe run several times both in kayak and raft but am thinking of doing a mellow springtime pack raft trip into the Sespe this year. Portages with a pack raft will be a dream compared to lugging a heavy kayak or two man raft through the maze of house sized boulders.

Went up and ran the East fork with the Alpacka. Great flow and a ton of fun. For being less than an hour from Los Angeles it’s an amazing river.

Here is a link I put up on Supertopo about packrafting and kayaking in so cal.

Drove up Big Tujunga Cyn yesterday, lots of water and very boatable. Upper Big Tujunga Narrows section has a little too much water in it at the moment but will be good in a week or two and should be an “fun” adventure for those willing to try it.

I just got a packraft and would like to float the East Fork once I get comfortable.