Ease of Rolling Alpacka Rafts

I was wondering about the comparative ease of rolling the various Alpacka rafts. Models I’m considering include the Llama, Gnarwhal (long), and the Alpackalypse (long). I’ve paddled kayaks for the past 5 years so I’ve got a decent kayak roll but I’ve never tried to roll a pack raft. I’ve paddled a Yak and Forager on multiple trips but the Yak did not have thigh straps. Do 12" tubes make the gnarwhal a lot harder to roll than the Llama or Alpackalypse? I realize I would need to add thigh straps to a new Llama. Thanks for any input and advice.

I called Alpacka and they said the Alpackalypse is probably the easiest to roll due to its smaller tube diameter. They also said the newer vectran material is more rigid and can be inflated to slightly higher pressures making the raft stiffer and easier to roll.

I agree that the 'lypse rolls easiest.

rolling a packraft requires a modification to standard kayak roll technique. kind of a blend of a sweep and a c to c.

Is rolling a practical, valuable skill for packrafters? In other words are there many people out there who can combat roll a packraft when they capsize in a rapid? It seems like even really good, capable boaters are swimming/ wet-exiting when they capsize, not rolling how a hard shell boater would. Just curious if anyone has input on this. I know there are quite a few people who are experienced kayakers and packrafters.

These guys seem to have a combat roll.

Yep, good video thanks. Sorry about the thread hijack there.

Not a hijack at all. Thanks for bringing up the question!

Depends on you, and what you want to do. The more committing the whitewater you plan to paddle, the less safe swimming becomes.

I personally paddle with 4 other people that roll their packrafts regularly. I’m about 50/50 on rolling, and always aiming to better that number.

That seems to do the trick. :wink:

I bet he could hand roll a hardshell kayak in class V. For the average packrafter, its a whole different story.

Some make it look easy…

"OK… don’t try this at home. Really. Our CEO Thor Tingey is an expert at rolling any packraft, as he’s had his hand in designing and mastering pretty much every single prototype and final boat his mother, Sheri Tingey, the designer and founder of the company, has built over the last 17 years. We don’t actually recommend you attempt to roll the Forager as you could blow your shoulder out, but we’ve had so many people ask to see the Forager in action… here you go.

As well, the boat will not be available in camo at this time; this was a prototype boat. Video by Tyler Marlow"