Earlier in summer

A trip earlier in summer, walk and explore of a remote estuary system on the far south east coast on NSW.


Beautiful. I find the best edits are made around great tracks and this one is perfect. Edgar is quite a talented fella.

Edgar is one very very talented man, his music is quite simply beautiful, I often find his tunes in my head when I am out in wild places, just seems to fit. As you can tell my poor old camera is on it’s last legs , I have ordered a new one which should be here in a few days (very excited about that), upgrading to a Cannon G12, so I am hoping my vids and pics will improve.


Nice camera choice, I have an older G9 which I love. First time I took it out, I fell off a rock ledge and the camera took the full force when I landed head first at the bottom. It still has the deep gouge marks in the body but works perfectly. Very robust camera.