Eagle River Packraft in Logjam story?

Just curious if there’s a anecdote (hopefully a semi-amusing one, not a tragic one) to the packraft buried in a logjam sweeper on the river right side just prior to the campground rapids? At least I think its a packraft, looks like it from what I can tell. Anybody know? I’ve seen it a few times but I can’t remember if its new this year or not.

And FWIW, ran it this morning, water level/flow is down quite a bit even from just a few days ago when the current wouldn’t even let me attempt my plan at crossing left to right at the bend. Today relatively easy to go right, especially with my sure-fire plan of going over that big rock on the inside corner to make sure I stayed right (just enough water flow to still do that). There’s a new sweeper and I think even a new stump on the left side along with new attachments to the center jam that make running left dicey (still doable).

Only took in 4" of water :slight_smile: (see my other post - spray deck)

It’s a canoe. I checked it out today.

Does the packraft look to be yellow and orange? I rented a raft last week to an unfortunate lad who missed the echo take out and paid the price - he is ok but lost his expensive rental. If anyone knows if it is a pacraft for sure I would like to try to retrieve it. It is Identified as a rental with a pacraftalaska.com rental number written under the Alpacka logo.

Roman, Where did you see the canoe - are you guys looking at the same pinned boat?

I can be reached at 727-4238 or at info@pacraftalaska.com

John Evingson

What i saw is a greenish canoe, all bent out of shape and folded to look like a poor miserable inflatable, in the river right stick pile just upstream on of the short rock walls that mark the entrance to Campground. It was not yellow and orange.

Really, a canoe? Wow, that is quite the bang-up job. Hopefully nobody was hurt.

Question for the person that was up by Echo Bend rapids, or anybody that’s been up there in the past week. Water level calming down up there? Ran a packraft through the rapids in spring before the water got too insane, thinking of a Alyeska-Crow Pass hike and float down to Campground, but judging by what the level I’m seeing at Campground it might still be a little too much, maybe in a few weeks…

If I’m around there I’ll look for the lost rental.