Eagle River & Echo Bend 5/26

Nora and I hiked back Eagle RIver intending to float from the lake all the way back. The river is still mainly fed from the side streams and not from the glaicer yet, so it is really boney at the rapids downstream of the ford site… really low. we put in around thunder gorge and had a mellow foat and bloat back, margharitas would have been key. Things gradually picked up but you generally could do it without a paddle… Around twin falls is a good put in place now. generally lots of strainers, but still fun.

is this really Eagle River?

So at echo bend things changed! it is at the perfect packraft stage right now. the permagrins and stoke factor was off the charts. Its worth just going and doing laps on that section right now… its that good! quick and super fun.

gopro helmet cam vid with pretty crappy footage… but you’ll get the idea. I missed the best section at the beginning, still getting the hang of using it.

I’m not sure what the upper limit flow level is for packrafting Echo Bend but it is still tons of fun right now at 3.7 feet. No wood, blue water, great drops and play spots, and spectacular scenery. I’m guessing that as the flow approaches 4.0 feet that Echo Bend may get too crazy.