Eagle River Campground Rapid at High Flow

Eagle River was at 5.97 feet (3,400 cfs) when I shot this video on July 22, 2012. Later that day it rose a bit more. This is a virtual scout of campground rapid. There were many logs moving on the river all day.

Thanks for Posting Mary.

This is a link to rescue photos at CGR on the adn site.


Hats off. Simply amazing photos and I doubt they do justice to reality. These guys ever in the same bar as me they can keep their wallets in back pockets. Hope the kayaker ok and gets back on the horse.

Those pictures are amazing, an harrowing. Well done AFD, that looks like it could have had a very different outcome if not handled properly.

Thanks for posting. Great photos & phenomenal rescue work. The photo with the strainer breaking loose, the chainsaw screaming, the raft struggling against the current, and the kayaker popping out is unforgettable.