DuMore in August?

Due to work deadlines, I cannot get away from the office until mid-August. Is the DuMore in Wyoming raftable then? I do not want to be bottom dragging for multiple miles across different rivers (SF Shoshone, Thoroughfare, and NF Buffalo). Most of the trip reports are in July.

Thanks ahead for the beta.

Billie Ruben

DuMore Packraft Trip : Andrew McLean | StraightChuter.com

Yeah- That’s too late in the year. We were going to head in there at the beginning of July and decided to change our objective, water is just too low this year. In August most of the backcountry trips in this region are done for the year. You might want to think about Lower Salmon ( I have always wanted to try getting a Hell’s Canyon permit and then take advantage of an old road I can see on some maps to hike over to the Lower Salmon after running Hell’s and get them both in the same trip). It is possible that there will be just enough water in the Flathead (South, Middle, or North).

Probably jumping on this a little late but South Fork of the Flathead will go packraft wise well into August. Bulk of the fishing trips are done then when things calm down. Was on mid-July 2021 and it was a bit high for some of the newbie’s in the groups level expectation.

Main Salmon will go well past August as well. Dumor just will get dicey as it tends to get pretty treed and tough to navigate by then. I honestly think it would be doable, just a sufferfest. Your portaging will be less than desire-able.

Hi all. I’m new to packrafting and have been doing research on a SF Flathead trip for about a year. Just did a 5 day on the Owyhee. Signed up for Advanced Packraft course in July. Will be at APA event on the Payette. I would love to do a SF Flathead trip. Just looking for team mates. If this thread morphs into a trip keep me in mind. The Alaska trip that took over 3 years of planning which was booked for this year needed to be cancelled. I’m trying to fill the void and stem the mega dissapointment. ~Martina

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We did the NF Buffalo Fork to Buffalo Fork last July 11th. Mucho butt draging. But main stem was fun.

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