DOLORES RIVER ALERT: Lost Kokopelli Recon above Slick Rock Bridge!

Hey all!

Yesterday on the Dolores River I lost my blue Kokopelli Recon in an undercut river left, just above Slick Rock bridge (38.028958, 108.885252). I will be endlessly grateful to the person(s) who recovers and returns it. It has a black bow bag with some sandals strapped to it and a yellow throw bag in the cockpit.

PM me if you find it or have any recommendations for the best way to recover it. It’s pinned in there pretty good. We did not want to risk entrapment going in after it. I assume that it will break free once the levels drop. I am hoping someone will find it then or I may have to make the big sacrifice :stuck_out_tongue: of running the wilderness section below Slick Rock looking for it.

Thanks and happy paddling!