Dolores partners and/or coordinate shuttle?

I need to get to the desert! I’m looking at running the Dolores between Slickrock and Bedrock and it looks like I could get away for a few days around the weekend of May 13th. I won’t mind running it solo but I thought I’d see if anyone else might be interested. Or see if anyone else is doing a trip around then and might want to try to coordinate shuttles? Not necessarily a true ‘packraft’ trip, could bring any sort a boat, but it would be my first real trip in my new bakraft. (I do have over 20 years experience running rivers, just new to packrafting) Let me know, thanks.

Side question… Has anyone ever heard about or run La Sal creek into the Doloras? (It comes in from the west not far about Bedrock) Looking at maps it looks like it could be a fun variation but can’t find any reference anywhere to running it and have no idea if might have enough water.