DIY Alpacka Self-Bailer?

Heard a rumor Alpacka was working one one, but I don’t know if I’m willing to wait. Anybody tried doubling their floor & punching some drain holes? I have tried the Feathercraft, it works great, but weighs too much, especially in Baylee 2.

I would like to sew a baylee floor to my Alpacka, best of both worlds.

Self bailers do not work like that, a self bailing floor is inflatable to get it on top of the water and to shed the water off the top (because it floats) and through the holes. If you put a bunch of holes in your floor (because your floor is below the water line when floating) all you are going to do is let in water until it evens out with the water line… thus you will always be sitting in 4"-6" of water depending on your weight. Don`t destroy your boat…

Yeah John, that would work. Looks like the self-bailer floor adds about 3.5 pounds to the Baylee 1, wonder how much they’d want for the floor.
I’m picturing another layer of floor material glued onto an Alpacka that overlaps the current floor all the way around on the bottom and sides of the boat. It would have to be glued and inflated to bulge down into the water to lift give enough bouyancy to avoid the what Kirk points out. Drains would be where the current floor is glued to my double floor, cut several holes through in these locations, probably by the seat, knees, and feet. I’m guessing 1 to 2 pounds for doubled floor and mouth valve. I don’t know how much the double floor inflated thickness would need to be to support a paddler. The Baylee is maybe 3" thick or so?