Dirty Devil: Burr to Poison Loop

Here’s a sweet 2-3 day packraft on the Dirty Devil river in Utah. It’s a loop so no shuttle (2 WD OK), the hike in is spectacular, the hike out a bit of a grunt, abet pretty once in Burr Pt Canyon. Recommended as a second DD trip after Angel 2 Burr.

Hike In: 5.5 miles, 1.6K, 2-4hrsd
River: class I+, 20 miles, 0.2K, 2-3 days
Hike Out: 12 miles, 1.8K, 5-6hrs
Minimum CFS: 100
Go: Feb-March, before draining for agri

Google Earth:

Some photos from our March 2016 trip with Mike S. :