Didn't Really do the Lower Zambezi

I was to scared of the crocs and hippos to do the lower Zambezi river by myself in my new Alpaca Mule. I had visions of being chewed up like bubble gum by these guys and there are plenty of local fishermen throwing nets with one arm or standing on one foot. So I paddled my little raft behind some others in a big cargo canoe led by this great local guide - Sailor. Like bears, it takes a little time to think like a hippo and Sailor knows how to teach you that. We would float past a minimum of 100 hippos a day. First rule is yield the deeper water to them so they do not feel trapped. We started at beautiful Lake Kariba on the border of Zambia and Zim and floated down for 5 days to our take out at Chiawa. This trip will not test you white water skills. The Zambezi is big and slow, but it is a thrill to be 40 feet from and full size bull elephant shaking its head at your funny little blue raft or listening to lions roaring outside your tent. The USD is strong so a guide for 5 days with boat food and yes, cold beer is about 400 USD. Just seeing the animals in their natural place, was worth that to me.
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