Desolation Canyon, UT

I finally got a permit! The launch date is 12 July at Sand Wash. I was thinking about doing this solo, but if anyone else wants to come, just let me know. I was also thinking about maybe tacking on another 70 or so miles by going all the way to Mineral Bottom, near Moab.

I was thinking of joining you when I thought you were doing the Green through Desolation and Gray Canyons. I’m keen to do that section! The section you’re doing looks more mellow from what I can tell. I’ll stick closer to home for the mellow trips.
Have fun :slight_smile:

I’m planning on doing Desolation Canyon and Gray Canyon from Sand Wash to Green River, UT. Then I’m thinking of doing Labyrinth Canyon from Green River to Mineral Bottom. Only Labyrinth Canyon would be the mellow part.

Oh - I see. I’m not sure how I missed the forum title - Desolation!
I’ve just signed up with a group of Kayakers/rafters to do Deso/Gray in early May and July would probably be a little soon to do it again.

Okay, I’m pretty set to raft this solo. Hopefully, it will be a great trip.

I just got back from doing Desolation/Gray Canyons on the Green. I was the only packrafter with a 14 foot raft and kayak group. Wow - what a way to raft! I got all the cork in a cauldron fun on the water and then happy hour, steak and beach chairs on the shore.

This was a wonderful trip! Water flow was 6000 - 10K cfs. We clocked our drift at up to 4 mph at times.
Rapids were from 1 to 6 on the 10 scale. Lots of wave trains. The class 6 rapids had some big holes which were not hard to avoid after scouting.

The river is big! Twice as wide as anything I’ve been on before. Maybe 100 feet wide.

The first 30 miles are all flat water which wasn’t too bad since the river was flowing so fast. After that it was a rapid every half mile to mile with flat water in between. Beautiful place, great camp sites, wonderful trip.


Glad to hear you had a great trip in Desolation. Good job. I look forward to hearing more and seeing more (pictures?) about it.


The other boaters kept referring to my packraft as an IT (inner tube), but they were much more respectful by the end of the trip. We laughed so much about the contrast between the packraft style of boating and their raft style, that I’m working on an article for BPL that emphasizes the luxury of big rafts. It’s not quite aligned with the usual subject of BPL articles, but I hope it’ll get published along with some stunning scenery photos :slight_smile: