Desolation Canyon - Green River, Utah -- Posted by Elaine Ma

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I had a wonderful time with my Alpacka-Llama for 7 days on one of
Utah’s premier wilderness rivers. I went with 18 people (members of
the River Management Society) who all had 14-foot rafts (7),
inflatable canoes (2) and whitewater canoe (1). They looked at me in
doubt when I jumped into my Alpacka. The first 20 or so miles are
relatively flat. But after that easy section, it was a true pool/drop
river. Most rapids were Class II with a few notable Class III to
III+. A fellow boater took some pretty cool pictures of me in the
Alpacka. All 18 members of my group were very impressed with the
Alpacka’s stability. I didn’t come close to flipping (at least it
didn’t feel like it) & I carried about 20 pounds strapped on the
front. I was very comfortable the entire trip. Truely a magic boat!
Contact me if you would like to see pictures.
–Elaine Mayer, Fairbanks, AK