Dennison and Jane

Wondering about the Jane and the Dennison: how long is each? And how difficult?

About a week each Roman.

Both are great trips for experienced parties with reasonable sections of hard portage work.

Given your experience Roman, you would enjoy them both immensely, however I stress for other readers of the forum that these are serious and difficult undertakings.

The Jane is logistically simpler, just a scrubby walk in from the highway, although it is not suitable for those without experience in rough country!

For the Denison, most parties arrange a boat across Lake Gordon to Pearce Basin, from where there is a rough taped line through to the River.



Hi roman

Two of my favorite tassie rivers. The Jane is particularly good but is pretty serious in high water. I think it took us 7-8 days from highway to the big tour boat platform on the Gordon, would be a bot shorter if you fork out for the yacht from sir johns falls, this avoids a 20km flat paddle but is very expensive compared to the tourist boat. May take longer with low water. I seem to remember the Dennison being slightly shorter maybe 5 days and less portaging, heaps of fun when you hit the Gordon, big wave chains but nothing to serious, there is a track marked to the river from the obvious point on lake Gordon, you can see the first (pink )tag from the lake, be careful to follow the tags all the way to the river or you may get stuck in horizontal for hours only a couple of hundred meters from the river, this is frustrating. Email me if you are coming down and I can give you more detailed info if you wish.
have fun

With respect that both these rivers are fairly serious for the average punter, would it be fair to say that the Dennison would be easier for someone looking for something to do in Tassie? Logistics aside.
Thanks in advance.