Denali Llama for sale-will ship worldwide!

I have a lightly used Cedar Green Denali Llama in great shape with no patches or flaws really at all. Only reason I’m selling is that I already have an Alpacka Dory and simply use it more. Will ship worldwide for actual shipping price plus $5 for packaging and handling as I live fairly remotely and have to drive a way to ship. Thanks!

Please contact me about price and any other details. Does it have a spay deck? Thanks

It does not have the spray deck but the deck they have available now is far superior to the one they had when I got the boat. Make me an offer on the boat and we’ll figure something out. Thanks

Offer made, check your Private Messages. I am very interested in this boat. You can e-mail me as well. or call (209) 406-8002
Cheers, Russell

Boat is sold! Thanks for all of your interest!