Denali Llama and paddle

Old style green denali llama with cruiser spray deck. Thigh straps and modified seat back added (original seat back removed). Two additional strap plates installed (one between knees, one behind seat) to strap down gear. Boat got a fish hook (barbless fly) pinhole in it two years ago. I field patched it with tyvek tape, but it held so well I never gave it a real patch, DOES NOT LEAK! Floor beneath seat got a small puncture, completely sealed with aquaseal. Both holes repaired and do not compromise the boat. I can send detailed pictures of repairs as needed.

Also including Sawyer packraft paddle.
Get a vest and a helmet and you’re ready to roll (literally)

$850 plus shipping, boat is in Virginia

I can email lots of pictures

Very interested. Could you email me some pictures?


I will pm you with my info.