Delger-Mörön River trip, Mongolia

Hi everyone,

Wanted to let you all know about a couple of trips Mongolia Fixers has put together for this summer in Mongolia. We’ll be rafting from near the Mongolia / Russia border on the Delger-Mörön river in North-Central Mongolia, through more than 100km of pristine and almost completely uninhabited wilderness. Depending on water levels, which can change rather quickly, you can expect roughly Class I - III(-) or so water. This is a 10 day trip total with a planned 5-6 days on the river, with a bit of time to stop and take some short hikes, if desired.

The trip will be supported, but we do not plan to meet our drivers every evening, so there will be nights of cooking and camping on our own, other nights with a vehicle and cook, so we can restock, etc.

After the river we’ll take an overland journey to Lake Khovsgol, one of the purest bodies of water on planet Earth and one of the largest lakes in Asia. There we can do some boating, rafting, horse riding and exploring before heading back to Ulaanbaatar. Along the way, we’ll have the opportunity to hike to the crater of an extinct volcano, explore ancient Qidan ruins and enjoy plenty of chances for unique photo ops.

Mention and we’d like to extend a 10% discount on the trip cost as a courtesy.

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Instagram: @MongoliaExpeditions

Please ask away with any questions.