Deering to Council across Seward Peninsula

Another trip that took decades for me to get around to.

From Deering get an ATV ride as far as Hanum River. Then hike some tussocks until you can escape to the limestone around Crossfox Butte and Asses Ears. The worst tussocks in my forty years of low arctic travel between Cloud Lake and Salix Bay. Great calm weather paddle across Imuruk Lake turned to windy breaking wave landing near where Lost Jim Lava flow goes into lake. Fantastic and fascinating cruise over mostly pahoehoe style lava to Joan Lake, crazy boulder hopping beyond and some willows and hummocks to near “The Bat.” Sorry to miss Kusitrin Lake which my son once told me was the neatest place he’d been in Alaska’s NW Arctic, then over Bendleben Mountains (“Ben-del-aben”) to Boston Creek and Fish River. Slow and easy paddles past lots of bears (most we’d ever seen outside SW Alaska) to near excellent “winter trail” near Aggie Creek and over to Council.

The lava and hike over mountains (both the limestone and the hills outside Council) made up for the tussocks. A real wilderness trip.

Did it in August 2016 with cold rain and fish running.

Notes and photos: