Daily Telegraph Packrafting Article

Hi all,

I’m a British travel writer specialising in adventure travel - simonwparker.co.uk.

My editor at The Telegraph would like me to write a travel feature on packrafting, but in January, and not New Zealand if we can help it.

The thing is, to make it accessible, and recreate-able, it needs to be with a proper operator, tour group. Something that is legit and people can recreate my trip by joining the same company on future tours. Multi-day, preferably.

So I’m looking for some expert advice, because after lots of research I’m rather stumped. Northern hemisphere, too cold, NZ (we’d rather find somewhere different), Australia? I can’t find a tour op.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Many thanks, and happy paddling.


I dont know of any packraft tour outfits in the u.s. save for packraft/swiftwater rescue schools. Other than that theres the packraft round up but thats definitkey not in january. On this side of the pond we’re pretty diy, i dont think the sport has progressed to the point of guided tour and god willing it never will. The thought of the backcountry filled to the brim with yuppies shoulder to shoulder going through a stripped down institutionalized perversion of what packrafting currently is gives me the creeps. However there are alot of classic wilderness runs and with packraft rental services you can put the tools in peoples hands to do it themselves.

There is a few guided tours in AK, spring would be your best best though. Definitely winter options available for diy though. Doesn’t take much coordination and team for the big ones up north… from what I’ve read and seen on the web,

Thanks for the tip! I’ll take note of this. :slight_smile: