Custom Llama for sale- SOLD

Boat is SOLD.

This has been my one-boat-to-do-it-all. It is a big butt Llama, with a custom zip-off spray skirt so it can be used as an open boat when needed, has thigh straps and the seat moved forward a few inches so a small drybag can fit behind the seat. The tubes nor floor have ever been punctured, it has the newer design seat with fabric in the middle of the “U” so it is less likely to split, the combing is made of flexible sharkbite tubing. The thigh straps are set up to be very adjustable for people of different sizes. This boat has done well in the PNW rivers, we’ve dropped waterfalls and run up to class IV. It has also caught salmon in Alaska and carried large packs through the desert. Right now I want to sell a boat so I can pay for my sea kayak, have been spending more time on the ocean than rivers lately.

Boat is currently located in Seattle if you want to check it out. I would like to get 1000 for it. Make me an offer, or we can negotiate if you need a paddle or old drysuit.

PM or takinsley at yahoo dot com

Having trouble getting images to upload, so you can see them at this craigslist post:

Did you make that spray deck or did Alpacka make it for you? It is awesome!

Hey thanks. I made the spray deck myself, about 2 years ago right before they introduced the whitewater deck. I ended up modifying it a bit over the last year, and it works pretty well. I especially like that it zips off completely, that has been super handy. I actually had made a separate cruiser style deck that zips on as well, for more mellow trips or fly fishing- if someone wants to buy this boat I can give you the extra zipper so you can make any deck of your dreams! It has been a great project.