Curiyak Size

Does anyone who owns an Alpacka Curiyak have a photo of how small it packs up? Really curious how small it packs compared to a Llama or Explorer. I know Alpacka posts rolled dimensions, they are just hard to visualize and are fairly generic. (same rolled dimensions posted for multiple boats of different sizes).

Thanks in advance!

This may be of limited use because my CY is Vectran, but here’s a pic of it next to a similarly-folded old model Fjord Explorer (about the size of a Llama or Mule folded up). I don’t think the Vectran likely impacts its folded size by much if anything. Sorry about the crappy pics… all I had on my phone.

Thank you! That is actually really helpful. I have the same Explorer. How do you like the Curiyak? Trying to get the smallest boat I can fit in for Alpine Lake use.

I like it. It definitely packs smaller (easily fits in the top of my HMG Porter 4400), and I’ve been able to use it on Alpine lakes, the Dirty Devil, the Escalante, Stillwater (Green/Colorado), the Bear, the Provo, and the Weber. I bought a horseshoe seat bottom (5 oz) that I can throw in there, which brings the combined weight to 68-69 oz (again, mine’s 200d Vectran, so maybe a few oz. lighter than the normal model). My traditional 2013 Yukon Yak, in contrast, is about 87 oz with the full seat, so not quite 20 oz savings.

The CY can handle Class II, maybe Class III rapids, but you’ll get wet because of the 10" tubes. While I like it, I’m probably going to migrate to a Ghost for my ultralight trips. I’m only 5’ 8" and the cockpit in the CY is huge (see updated pics in linked folder above). It’s not long, but it’s really wide because of the 10" tubes. I often don’t use all the space, so I figure I might as well go with a smaller boat and get better weight savings and packability for long trips. If you’re not too tall, and you’re only thinking Alpine lakes, the CY might be more than you need. But again, great boat and really versatile.

A few examples of people using Scout-sized boats:

Again, if light and packable on alpine lakes is your goal, maybe consider something even smaller than the CY?

Great information!

I’ll let this marinade for a bit. I’m 5’11" and the Ghost has definitely entered my mind. Just not sure how keen I am to have my feet dangling while trying to fly fish! The bulk and weight savings are massive though. Thanks again.

With regard to paddling the Ghost here is a video. For reference I’m 6’1" tall with a 34" inside leg.