Crow / Glacier (Girdwood) Warning

Hey, for those familiar with the Crow put-in of this run (about 1/2 mile above the hand tram) and the footbridge to a mining camp that was at the put-in point, that footbridge apparently managed to get washed away during the spring floods. It has now set up shop as the focal point to a full width blockade in about the worst point possible, right at the beginning of the fast blind canyon bend above the Crow/Glacier confluence. I was lucky to have kept this in the back of my mind after noticing no footbridge, “what could have happened to it…”

Any significant eddies immediately above this are on the left, with the only flat spot of ground to walk around on the right. After getting out on the left I managed to backtrack a few feet and paddled across to grab some branches on the right to stop from going into the bridge and portaged around to the right and all was good. I would think that at higher levels (today a moderate 26.55) this might not be an option. There may be an alternative to the left with a steep climb up the canyon over to the Glacier and put back in there, but I’m not sure of that being a viable option. Anybody try that? If that’s good then its relatively easy to exit left.

After that it is clear sailing (thank you chainsaw fairies) to the bridge with one exception being next to the house that is on the left bank after the airport, there is new wood down there. It looks doable but sketchy, and its an easy quick portage around. The usual smattering of wood around the airport is all easily avoidable.

Still a classic and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it, that 26 1/2 or so level is just plain fun.

Does anybody know if this jam-up got cleared in the past year? Or got worse? If not will try to scout it from the bluff if possible today.

The answer is: wide open! Thank you (presumably) chain-saw fairies or Mother Nature. Touch of wood about 100 feet down from where the footbridge used to be, a piece of steel railing or something in the middle just as the canyon closes in, otherwise all good. This really puts the icing back on the cake for this run. Added a convert today, even with the relatively low water (25.8 ish).